Due to current high demands we are prioritizing facilitation requests surrounding race in the following order: Conversations for healing; Groups serving youth and/or marginalized populations; Nonprofit organizations; and For-profit corporations.
We appreciate and value each of our clients and are working to accommodate all of you. We do remain able to confirm all client requests within 24 hours.
Truclusion Online Facilitations and Workshops during COVID-19

Our online workshops have customized curriculum to fit your organizational processes and goals. We select our facilitators to make the most of your group dynamics and utilize multiple tools to keep our conversations and workshops dynamic and productive. These are not your typical zoom meetings!

The ability for participants to evolve and grow in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion over a single educational moment is limited, and especially under the constraints of virtual learning. Rather than expecting behaviors to change instantly, our workshops set participants up to evolve from future experiences and growth mindsets. Our sessions are designed to ensure all participants move forward in some way—regardless of their starting point. Our workshops also aim to be fun and amazing experiences for each participant. We are happy to customize a workshop specifically for your organization.

Contact us and start planning your Truclusion workshop today!

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