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Our Bilateral Assessment is a strategic way to start your organization's Diversity Equity, and Inclusion journey! We take a two-sided approach to DEI by assessing the organization's environment as well as interpersonal aspects to create true, authentic inclusion. 

What is the bilateral approach?

Truclusion has a bilateral approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The first branch of our bilateral approach encompasses the environment created by members of social identity groups holding societal power, and how the environment becomes more inclusive as they advance their perspectives along a continuum.


Between the stages of Welcoming and Transitional, there is a place where people holding power must accept responsibility for their groupness, and the power that comes with it. We call this place the Culpability Line.

The second branch of Truclusion’s bilateral approach is a key element to navigating the complexities of intersectionality. It is based upon cultivating individual capacity to match impact to intention, primarily through developing interpersonal behaviors conducive to moving forward. The second branch work enables members of power-holding identity groups to improve the impact of their words and actions. It also provides marginalized group members with tools that empower them to participate in affecting change, speeding up the pace in which equitable, power-sharing outcomes are realized.

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