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Workshops & trainings

video Training

Truclusion partnered with Traliant, an industry-leading online training provider, to bring you their award-winning courses. Traliant’s training features modern, bite-sized episodes presented in a news-style format. The library of courses includes a variety of interactive training on subjects from Sexual Harassment Prevention, Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Sensitivity to Code of Conduct, which instruct learners on how to handle difficult, real-world situations. Traliant’s training is built to educate, influence and motivate by training on appropriate behaviors and promoting a positive, respectful workplace.


Interactive Training You Don’t Just Watch, You Experience
Our Hollywood video production team creates high-quality interactive videos with real-world scenarios and alternate endings that engage learners to choose what happens; not just “click next”.


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Training for the Modern Workforce

Mobile optimized, bite-sized episodes are a perfect fit for interruption-prone schedules – adapted to the way people learn today.

Continuously Updated to Remain Compliant with the Law
The number of states with mandatory training requirements for preventing sexual harassment is growing and keeping track of this complex web of laws and regulations can be a challenge, our streamlined solution allows you to easily deliver training that is compliant with all federal and state regulations.

Explore the entire catalog of online training today!

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Open-enrollment workshops


Truclusion offers several workshops and trainings that are great for individual or group learning. Each workshop and training is customized to provide your organization with relevant practical and interactive exercises. These are not "out of the box" trainings! Skills that are learned can be easily applied in the real world.

equitable leadership coaching

Our coaches are results-driven specialists in helping you leverage your own experiences, perspectives, and use-of-self to champion positive changes in your real-world. Working with your professional coach, you will expand awareness in how you personally influence your organization’s culture and will be well on your journey toward creating a truly inclusive environment that heightens diversity, productivity, and quality of service throughout your sphere.

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