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about us


Truclusion formed in Dupont, WA when experienced consultants, facilitators, and researchers from different ethnic and professional backgrounds joined together to make a better consulting firm. Our approach is a human-centered one, using the actual expe­riences and perceptions of the people within our client’s organization to drive the methods and interventions we provide.


Our consulting team is experi­enced in navigating the equity and inclusion challenges that can be unique to each organization, from increasing sense of inclusion and belonging for customers, to expanding engagement and retention for staff.


Truclusion is majority-owned and majority-managed by BIPOC women. We believe in equal voice and equal pay. We intentionally research our vendors because we know that our purchases impact systems of power.

If your organization is ready to lean into inclusive work that you can be proud of, Truclusion is here to support you.

Yien Wang Folino

Managing Principal

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