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your result: true inclusion

This free assessment is simply a tool to see where your perception of your group or organization is on our model of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. It includes topics to focus on for workshops, as well as topics that may not work for you. For a more in-depth assessment, you can contact us for more. We would love to join you on your DEI journey!

Organizations in this stage typically see that unique and diverse cultures, lifestyles and interests are valued, embraced, and woven throughout all aspects of the organization. All groups and viewpoints contribute to the formation of culture, policies and decision-making.

All identities are accepted and welcomed through deliberate methodical engagement and dialog efforts. Those who experience marginalization are rewarded for pointing out obstacles that keep them from feeling included and valued.

Members of traditionally dominant groups innately ensure that inclusion, equity, and diversity are part of each action and conversation. They work to build clear lines of accountability to racially oppressed communities.

What can be helpful

Your organization seems very inclusive! At this stage, a consultation with a facilitator would be best to see what would work for your group. For a more in-depth assessment, feel free to contact us.

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