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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Reads for Isolation

12/03/20 | Emily Murray

As many state’s stay-at-home orders are being tightened, continual physical distancing is important for sustained flattening of the curve. If you find yourself wanting to take a break from work and curl up on the couch with a good article, here are five timely reads on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

  • Diversity Doesn't Stick Without Inclusion by Laura Sherbin (Harvard Business Review) – Sherbin discusses how there is a gap between recognizing that diverse people should be in the workforce and actually having diverse people in the workforce.

  • 4 Common Diversity and Inclusion Myths in the Workplace by Dana Brownlee (Forbes) – Brownlee discusses these four myths and their realities about Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace: (1) Diversity and Inclusion is about ethics and morality, (2) the concept of Diversity excludes white men, (3) Diversity is just about gender and race, and (4) D&I is a human resources responsibility.

  • The Value of Inclusive Education by Open Society Foundations – This article discusses Inclusive education, defined as different and diverse students learning side by side, in the classroom, during field trips and after-school activities. This allows students to feel valued with a sense of belonging. Inclusive education takes a step towards non-discriminatory education.

  • From Inclusion to Support: How to Build a Better Workplace (NY Times) – This article overviews the proposed changes made at the New Rules Summit on Women and Power, to create Equitable environments in the workplace. They discuss how to recruit and retain female employees; how men can be allies; supporting families; humanizing Inclusion; shaking off biases of women, and several other great initiatives.


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