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A COVID-19 Article about COVID-19 Articles

4/17/20 | Emily Murray

Many people in the US have been in self-isolation for close to month now, and we have all had our fill of COVID-19 articles. As we enter May, many of us will continue to stay at home, working and learning in our homes, and you will inevitably read more. Here are my three favorite articles describing what it is like to work, learn and live from home during COVID-19.

1. DISTANCE LEARNING DURING COVID-19 - 7 Equity Considerations for Schools and Districts by Titilayo Tinubi Ali and Mirel Herrera, Southern Education Foundation – During COVID-19, schools are using distance learning. Distance learning includes but is not limited to, online learning and providing packs for families to pick up with learning materials and exercises. This article discusses seven equity considerations for schools and school district during distance learning.

2. Living (and Working Virtually) in Uncertainty by Cynthia Silva Parker, Interaction Institute for Social Change – Many of us are finding this as a time to reflect and realize what is important to us. This article discusses things we can do to connect and reconnect. These tasks include leaning into relationships, deepening our trust in people, taking appropriate actions, and cultivating a strategic and collaborative mindset.

3. Working Remotely During COVID-19, American Psychiatric Association Foundation – The American Psychiatric Association Foundation provides helpful advice on working remotely during COVID-19. This article discusses how to maintain overall health and wellness, managing mental health, and how managers and HR professionals can support their employees.


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