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Pacific Swimming: Gender Identity Learning Session

Explore what gender identity is; the differences between gender and sex; how folks experience various gender identities; and how Pacific Swimming can help gender diverse athletes feel more welcome. This educational session will lay a foundation for understanding gender identity in Pacific Swimming.

Pacific Swimming: Gender Identity Learning Session
Pacific Swimming: Gender Identity Learning Session

Days & Times

Feb 23, 2023, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM PST

Zoom Platform

About the Program

About the Facilitators

Rachel Wallis (they/them) - Rachel is a Diversity and Inclusion facilitator specializing in Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity who creates and presents content to universities, private organizations, and government agencies. Rachel is a non-binary person, who teaches from lived experience  within  the LGBTQ+ community in addition to learned experience

through professional and educational practice. They are an adjunct professor at Georgetown University and have nine years of project management experience.

Dane Wolfrom - Dane guides national sports organizations such as US Youth Soccer and USRowing, as they create inclusive environments where all people feel welcomed, especially athletes. Applying his Initial Participation Model, Dane suggests people will participate in new environments based on a function of opportunities, enjoyment, sense of belonging and being esteemed as an individual. He has more than 30 years swim coaching experience, most recently at Metro Aquatics in Tacoma, WA to serve more than 400+ youth, matching Tacoma’s census in geography, income level, and each race identity, including Black, Pacific Islander and Native American.


  • Youth Registration

    This registration is for youth who have been invited by someone to participate in this discussion.

  • Adult Registration

    This registration is for adults who have been invited to participate in this discussion.

  • Athletes for Change Students

    This registration is only for students enrolled in the Athlete's for Change course. (AFC students will stay 30 minutes after for debrief.)




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