the truclusion difference

Truclusion was formed in 2019 when experienced consultants, facilitators, and researchers of differing ethnic and professional backgrounds joined to make a better consulting firm. The Truclusion approach is a human-centered one, using the actual experiences and perceptions of the people within the client’s organization and customers to drive the methods and interventions we provide. Truclusion’s consulting team is experienced in the unique equity and inclusion challenges that each organization faces, from increasing sense of inclusion and belonging for customers and staff, to expanding engagement and retention.


Truclusion consultants provide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programming that is relevant, timely, and practical to nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Truclusion has multiple senior consultants who earned an Executive Certificate in Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Management from Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies. Several others are adjunct professors for similar
organization development programs. We are majority owned and managed by women and People of Color.


Working as a team, Truclusion facilitators are nimble in execution as they adapt to the needs of client. In discussions and workshop sessions, we are trained to watch for specific cues and reactions by participants, which allows us to provide individual members and your entire organization a responsive experience that ensures
maximum growth for everyone.


Truclusion consultants and trainers are skilled in quickly building rapport and trust withclients and since we work as a team, we remain accessible to respond as needed. Our facilitators encourage people within your organization to talk with them privately and in confidence to address specific issues, ask questions, or to voice their concerns. All Truclusion materials are purposely developed and produced in-house so that they can
be modified as needed to meet your specifications.

Truclusion collaborates with your organization to strategically implement an overall plan that includes design, education, implementation, and measurable benchmarks. With Truclusion’s guidance, your organization will forge a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for each employee and customer.

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