MEtro parks tacoma swim team

Metro  Parks  Tacoma  has  also  developed  a  wide  variety  of  recreational  and  educational  programming.  Among  the  classes,  workshops  and  special  events  offered  on  a  year-round  basis,  Metro  Parks  offers comprehensive  athletic and  aquatic  programs,  arts  and  special  events,  community  center programs;youth  outreach  programs,  day  camps  and  playground  programs.    Metro  Parks  promotes  best  business practices through diversity and inclusion.


MISSION: Creating healthy opportunities to play, learn and grow.


VISION: Metro Parks Tacoma envisions a vibrant, active and engaged community.


CORE VALUES: These eight core values will guide future decisions, business and operations, and the manner in which MPT treats staff, customers and the community:

  • Innovation

  • Excellence

  • Equity

  • Inclusiveness

  • Sustainability

  • Accountability

  • Safety

  • Fun


#1 - Save Lives

#2 - Maintain a Culture of Swimming, of which all Tacoma Residents are Proud

#3 - Offer Programs where Participants both are Welcome and Feel Welcome

#4 - Ensure Access to Swimming for all Tacoma Residents, and Access to all Opportunities Swimming provides, regardless of Family Means and Resources


Each initiativeshall accomplish at leastone of the following benchmarks:

1. Engage all ages and diverse populations in aquatic participation.

2. Save Lives.

3. Help youth become healthier, safer, educated and employableleaders.



These principles areparamount as we plan, execute and assess initiatives:

1. Reinforce the “Tacoma Swims” mantra.

2. Maximize swimming (or aquatic exposure) to all youth

3. Impact youth long-term; setting them up for life-long success.

4. Program sustainability


Initiative #1 –SATURSWIMDAY

Initiative #2 –Neighborhood Swim Teams –No Experience Necessary

Initiative #3 –Middle-School Swim Teams

Initiative #4 –Pool Libraries

Initiative #5 –SwimTacoma Coalition

Initiative #6 –Student-run Suit and Goggle Recycling Program

Initiative #7–Every Aquatic Experience is First-Class

Initiative #8–“Select” Swim Team

Initiative #9 –Evening Summer Lessons

Initiative #10 –Read-to-Swim Program

Initiative #11 –Masters Swim Team

Initiative #12 –Elementary Water-Safe

Initiative #13 –Splash Ball

Initiative #14–Junior Lifeguarding

Initiative #15–Parent/Volunteer-Coached Swim Teams

Initiative #16 –Teammate Tutoring

Initiative #17 –Upper-Elementary Swim Lessons

Initiative #18 –Parent/Volunteer-Coached Splash Ball

Initiative #19 –Summer AquaCamps

Initiative #20 –Open Water Clinics

20XX Participation (pre-program)
2018 Participation
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