Truclusion’s approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion leverages Intentionalism, Human-Centered Inclusive Design, and Equity.


It is imperative that DEI interventions match the Stage of Inclusion that an individual or subset is in. Interventions not corresponding to organizational stage may undermine, or worse, reverse progress. This intentional matching of interventions to stages often requires an elaborate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mapping of the entire organization. The end result is individuals moving forward in a way that correspondingly progresses the entire company forward at the same time.


To ensure your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion movement advances smoothly, Truclusion assists your company in laying the foundations for future interventions while working through the current initiatives that match your present Stage of Inclusion.

Intentional education means establishing a company-wide baseline understanding of assuming positive intent, the danger in judgements and assumptions, and the gaps between impact and intent. This baseline understanding shifts the focus when marginalization occurs away from explaining the actions, and toward the negative experiences of those negatively impacted. This shifting of focus helps your company take another step toward your next Stage of Inclusion.


Human-Centered Inclusive Design

Human-Centered Inclusive Design (HCID) is a systematic innovation process that prioritizes deep empathy for employee and customer desires, needs, and challenges. Simply put, HCID enlists the people impacted by the challenges of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to participate in designing the solutions. This means both those marginalized and those who establish company environment and culture.  We can develop more effective solutions through the HCID process than we can with traditional Diversity & Inclusion strategies.


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