Advisory Services

Assessing any aspect of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at your organization, including risks and organizational readiness; strategic planning and roadmap design; assisting in defining DEI roles and responsibilities of stakeholders at all levels; creating and implementing training plans, with timelines and communication plans supporting trainings; serving in an advisory capacity for meetings, calls and events; maintaining chart of milestones to guide progress and check-ins.


Includes the drafting and/or creation of policies, procedures, communications (excluding letters and statements), signage, social-media content, and curriculum (for facilitated education or independent study); and the review of letters and statements. All work product will remain property of your organization.


Truclusion consultants will coach those with leadership roles on how to make meetings,
groups, and programs more inclusive; and bringing everyone’s perspectives forward in a valued way. This typically is a combination of live-auditing meetings and individual coaching between meetings. This may be blended with a leadership cohort training under Workshop Facilitation.


Identity Group Specialty Services are any of the above services provided by a subject matter expert relating to an identity group, such as ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or other cultural or social group identity.


Truclusion offers several workshops and trainings that are great for individual or cohort
learning. Each workshop and training are customized to provide your organization with
relevant practical and interactive exercises in a fast-paced and interactive way. Skills are learned and practiced in the classroom (in-person or virtual) and are easily applied in the real world. The Team Lead always determines how many facilitators will be present for each workshop and training, based on subject matter and number of participants.

facilitated conversations

Live facilitated conversations, whether in-person or virtual, help groups move forward through open and safe dialog. These conversations can prior to issues arising, during a conflict, or after-the-fact. The Team Lead always determines how many facilitators will be present for each conversation, based on subject matter and number of participants. For planning purposes, conversations often have two-facilitators.

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